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A photograph of Megan Goldsworthy stood in front of a painted wall.

Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Megan, a graphic designer from Lincolnshire. I graduated in 2022 from Sheffield Hallam University with a

first-class degree in Graphic Design. My work often centres around the point of sale, which I discovered my interest in through my internships with Smurfit Kappa Display and Bullion Chocolate. I also have a keen interest in using waste materials and up-cycling and try to incorporate these elements into my work where I can. When I am not designing, I can often be found travelling with friends, cooking or watching movies!

A photograph of a CD cover that Megan Goldsworthy designed in 2009 (aged 7) for her primary schools annual album.

I have always had a passion for designing and creating things. In fact, I have been in the industry for a long time - here is my first officially published design that I achieved at only age 7! It was a cover for my school's CD (I believe I was paid in sweets).

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