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six dark and milk bars with added flavours


Enriched range iteration
Enriched range iteration

Why I didn't go ahead with these designs:

  • I initially made the colours of each bar to match the flavour addition but we felt that they were all quite similar and it was better to prioritise easy identification as the flavours were described so didn't need to rely on the colours.

  • The patterns were something we kept for a while but in the end felt that they were distracting from the bars and increased print costs so we omitted those.

  • We ended up adding an off-white background to all of the stickers, this made them really pop against the black sleeve.

Ready to print labels!

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 16.29.52.jpg
Photograph of  someone holding the Seville Oragne falvoured bar
A photograph of the labels being put onto the sleeves the
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 16.53.18.jpg

All photographs taken by Bullion Chocolate.

The bars out in the world!

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