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Drinking & Professional Chocolate
pouches of hot chocolate

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< The OLD Design

The old design was working well enough for it's purpose but it needed an updating and refresh to fit better within Bullion's range of products.

This was namely:

- Creating a separate layer to be gold foilied.

- Adding in the hallmark milk/ dark colours (blue/ red)

- Some other slight changes and creating a more compact look.

Drinking Chocolate

Whilst we gold foiled the front to keep the cohesive brand look, we descided to save costs by just printing the back label. It will rarely be seen and the gold foiling has more impact on the front. We also did this for the professional chocolate labels as this is distributed B2B so it doesn't need as much impact on the shelves/ to customers.

I also added the bone colour on the back of the label which was an adaptation from the bars as the production team found that stamping on/ writing the best before and batch number was much easier to do on a light background with black ink.

Revised milk drinking 04_08.jpg
Revised dark drinking 04_08.jpg

Professional Chocolate

Revised milk professional 04_08.jpg
Revised dark professional 04_08.jpg

The NEW Design

All photographs taken by Bullion Chocolate.

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