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working alongside

Experience Community

Working with Experience Community, an organisation raising awareness about the issues that people with disabilities face and campaigning against non-accessible gateways, I created a tool to help wheelchair users have their voices heard.

As part of a campaign, wheelchair users can put tape on every inaccessible gateway that they are faced with. This visually stands out and raises awareness of the issue. It also stops everyone from going through the gate so that they can emphasize with the wheelchair users.

Introductory Animation
The Designed Product
Mock-up of roll of tape designed for the campaign
The Product in use
Mock-up of roll of tape used on an inaccessible gateway
Campaign Poster
Campaign Poster
Campaign poster mock-up on inaccessible gateway next to tape.
Mock-up of petitions
Mockup of infographic

Alongside this, I created an infographic comparing 'The 10 best routes in the Peak District' to 10 of the best 'accessible' routes to show how limiting these can be for those that want to enjoy the outdoors.

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