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Craftmanship has always interested me so I decided to collaborate with a Jewellery & Metalwork student and document their process of making a medal. I collected all of the waste materials and off-cuts that were produced to emphasise the amount of work that goes into it. I created a typeface with this that she can use as a personal identity. I then made this into a publication with a medal replica front cover, an explanation of the art on the back cover and the words Jewellery & Metalwork with all of the off-cuts - the process - inside.

Photographed Typeface
Printed Typeface

Printed Typeface

Photographed Typeface

Typefaces in use

The typefaces in use


The publication opened out to the full to read 'jewellery'
The publcation open on the first page to reveal the letter 'M'
Holding the medal in my hand with the back showing that reads 'a medal is a palm-sized statement'
The publication opened out on a casting work surface
The front of the publication
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