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During my travels to India, I secured an internship at Network of Creative Thinkers (NOCT) studio - winner of "India's Best Design Studio" award three years running.  This gave me invaluable design agency experience, meshing with the current designers and picking up projects at different stages.

I designed some project posts for their Instagram

  • I adhered to the NOCT brand guidelines so the Instagram feed looked cohesive.

  • I animated certain elements so that the posts were more interesting, eye-catching and encouraged prolonged engagement to boost post analytics.

  • I summarised the projects in a concise, accessible and interesting way.

Click through the Instagram posts!

Nestaspaces Instagram Post-01.jpg

Nestaspaces Instagram Post_Artboard 6-08.jpg
Nestaspaces Instagram Post_Artboard 11.jpg
Handover ALT EFF-01.jpg
Handover ALT EFF-17.jpg
Handover ALT EFF-18.jpg

Grid Layout

Mock-up of the grid I designed for NOCT's Instagram page

Animated Posts

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