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Norwich Art Supplies Product Catalogue 

I was the sole designer of the product catalogue for Norwich Art Supplies. This was a huge undertaking and I have been working on it freelance for the last two years. It sits at nearly 200 pages and contains all of the stock that the shop supplies.

This required strong attention to detail, making sure that the catalogue was simple enough that it was clear and easy to read whilst also making it engaging for the readers. I did this by implementing a strict grid, colour- coding pages and ensuring consistent typography.

The catalogue has not yet been released, so I have mocked up some of my favourite pages from it.

Market Research with the client


I looked through other art shop product catalogues on the markets with my client to understand how they want their product catalogue to function, where they believe their shop sits in the market and their own aesthetic preferences.


Creating a visual code for the data

Creating Keys

There was a lot of content to break down as there were hundreds of products to go into the catalogue. There were also size, weight and texture variations for a lot of the products which I needed to make clear and easy to read and understand.

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 11.37.48.jpg

I was given the product information in these tables. I had to figure out a way to make this more visually appealing so I used keys for this purpose. I categorised different sizes or prices of products which were indicated with either a shape or a number. This also means that if they want to update the catalogue for the next year, they can do this easily by just changing the prices in the key rather than on each individual product.

4th May_autosave_05_05_2022_01_19_autosave_09_07_2022_19_23-page003.jpg

Product Categories

I assigned each product category a different colour. I used natural, earthy tones that are muted to look mature but still bright enough to avoid being dull. Centring around their bottle green brand colour.

The Finished Norwich Art Supplies Catalogue!

opening page mockup.jpg
Close up of Daniel Smith Watercolours page mockup
Daniel Smith Watercolours double page spread mockup
Speciality Brushed Page Mockup
Schminke Horadam Gouache page mockup
L'Aquarelle Sennelier Watercolours double page spread mockup
Studio easels double page spread mockup
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